Hemotherapy Attending: Gulf Coast Pathology Associates at UT-Memorial Hermann Hospital, 09/2015 to present

Medical Director: Grifols Diagnostics Solutions, Inc., 12/2015 to 05/2017

Medical Director: Progenika, Inc. – CDX, 12/2015 to 12/2016

Medical Director: Molecular Pathology Section, Medical Director: Hematology Laboratory, Assoc Medical Director: Blood Donor Program, Assoc Medical Director: Transfusion Services, Gulf Coast Pathology Associates at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, 01/2009 to 12/2015

Adjunct Asst. Professor: Department of Pathology Baylor College of Medicine, 01/2009 to present

Assistant Professor: Department of Pathology Baylor College of Medicine, 01/2007 to 01/2009


Board Certifications: Transfusion Medicine/Blood Banking Subspecialty American Board of Pathology, 9/3/2008

Clinical Pathology: American Board of Pathology, 11/18/2005

Fellowship:Transfusion Medicine/Blood Banking Baylor College of Medicine, 10/2005 - 12/2006 Houston, TX

Residency: Clinical Pathology Baylor College of Medicine, 2002 - 2005    

M.D.:  Baylor College of Medicine, 2002

Ph.D.:  Baylor College of Medicine, 2000 Molecular and Human Genetics Thesis Advisor: John W. Belmont, M.D., Ph.D. “JKAP, a Novel Dual-specificity Phosphatase Necessary for Maximal JNK Activation”

B.A.: Rice University, 1991 cum laude Houston, TX Biology

Research Experience

07/14-present: Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine. Co-investigator: A genome-wide association study (GWAS) for sickle cell responder genes.

01/09-06/14:  Texas Heart Institute (THI), St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital. Principal investigator: A genome-wide association study (GWAS) for sickle cell responder genes.

01/07-01/09: Center for Cell & Gene Therapy (CAGT), Baylor College of Medicine. Mentor: Margaret A. Goodell, Ph.D.   Junior investigator: Agtr1 and erythroid development; Zfp105 and NK cell development.

07-08/2005: Center for Cell & Gene Therapy (CAGT), Baylor College of Medicine. Advisor: Margaret A. Goodell, Ph.D. Clinical Postdoctoral Fellow: Expression profiling of hematopoietic lineages.  

1995-2000: Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine. Advisor: John W. Belmont, M.D., Ph.D. Graduate Student: Novel genes in mammalian hematopoietic development.

1994-95: Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine. Advisor: Vicky Lundblad, Ph.D. Graduate Student: Homologs of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae telomere maintenance genes.

1991-92 : Thomas J. Watson Fellowship (independent international research and travel), Endangered Parrot Species: Field Research & Protection: Indonesia, the Caribbean, Australia.

1989-91:  Biochemistry Department, Rice University. Advisor: Michael C. Gustin, Ph.D. Research Assistant: Molecular genetics of ion transporters in yeast S. cerevisiae.

1989-90: Ford Foundation Undergraduate Honors Research Program, Rice University. Advisor: Michael C. Gustin, Ph.D. Undergraduate Research Student: Complementation mapping of ion sensitivity genes in yeast S. cerevisiae.




Hanchard NA, Moulds JM, Belmont JW, Chen AJ. A genome-wide screen for large-effect alloimmunization susceptibility loci among red blood cell transfusion recipients with sickle cell disease. Transfus Med Hemother. 2014 Nov;41(6):453-461.

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Chen AJ, Zhou G, Juan T, Colicos SM, Cannon JP, Cabriera-Hansen M, Meyer CF, Jurecic R, Copeland NG, Gilbert DJ, Jenkins NA, Fletcher F, Tan TH, and Belmont JW. The dual specificity JKAP specifically activates the c-Jun N-terminal kinase pathway. J Biol Chem 2002 Sep 27; 277(39): 36592-601.

Presentations & Posters

2016 SCABB Annual Meeting: How Do Institutions Integrate Blood Group Genotyping?

2015 CBBS/SCABB Joint Meeting: A Genome-Wide Screen for Large-Effect Alloimmunization Susceptibility Loci among Red Blood Cell Transfusion Recipients with Sickle Cell Disease

2015 CBBS/SCABB Joint Meeting: The Hospital Blood Bank and the Community

2014 SCABB Annual Meeting: Double Lung Transplantation in a Patient with Anti-U: Lessons Learned 

2013 ASCLS Annual Meeting: Iron for Blood Donors

2013 SCABB Annual Meeting: Who's to Blame?: Hemolysis with Both a Warm and Cold Autoantibody. 

2012 NCABB 40th Annual Meeting: Who's to Blame?: Hemolysis with Both a Warm and Cold Autoantibody.

2012 SCABB Annual Meeting: Chilling with a Cold: How We Handled a Clinically Significant Cold on Cardiopulmonary Bypass.

2011 AABB Annual Meeting: Fatal Hemolysis due to an Anti-Pr.

2011 AABB Annual Meeting, Poster Session, Abstract SP328: A Genome-wide Screen for Major Alloimmunization Susceptibility Loci in Sickle Cell Disease

2010 AABB Annual Meeting: Fatal Hemolysis due to an Anti-Pr.

2010 SCABB Annual Meeting: IRL Workshop

2010 AABB Annual Meeting: Clinical Pathology Consults: Practice at SLEH

2005 American Society of Hematology 47th Annual Meeting, Poster Session, Abstract 1741: Lineage Fingerprints: The Transcriptome of the Hematopoietic System (co-author). 

2003 Texas Society of Pathologists Annual Meeting, Poster Session: Diagnostic Considerations in a Case of Systemic Fungal Disease in an African American.

2000 Keystone Symposium, Signaling 2000, Poster Session: Intracellular Signal Pathways: Selective Activation of the JNK Pathway by a Novel Dual-Specificity Phosphatase.

1999 Baylor College of Medicine M.D./Ph.D. Symposium: Selective Activation of the JNK Pathway by a Novel Dual-specificity Phosphatase.

1997 Baylor College of Medicine Molecular and Human Genetics Retreat: Expression Analysis for Hematopoietic Genes.

Grants & Scholarships

2008-09: Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Research Grant. A Genome-wide Association Study (GWAS) for Sickle Cell Responder Genes

2007-09: Molecular Medicine Scholars Program Training Grant, Baylor College of Medicine, Agtr1a and the Erythroid Progenitor

2007-08: Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Research Grant, Agtr1a and Erythropoiesis

1996-97: Molecular and Human Genetics Departmental Training Grant, Baylor College of Medicine

1995-96: National Eye Institute Training Grant, Baylor College of Medicine

1994-95: Huffington Center on Aging Training Grant, Baylor College of Medicine

1987-91: Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship, Rice University

1987-88: Max Roy Scholarship, Rice University

Lectures & Teaching

2009-present: Issues in Transfusion Medicine. A Comprehensive Board Review in Hematology and Medical Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

2015: Clinical Applications in Blood Group Genotyping and Molecular Case Studies Grifols Transfusion Science Educational Course (TSEC)

2013: Physician presenter, How Innovation Drives the Future of Healthcare. St. Luke's Leaders in Healthcare Event 2013

2008-2010: Therapeutic Apheresis. Clinical Pathology Resident Didactic Lecture Series, Baylor College of Medicine

2004-06: Transfusion Medicine/Blood Bank. Physician Assistant Clinical Lab Medicine Lecture Series, Baylor College of Medicine

2003: Medical Student Pathology Module Teaching Assistant, Baylor College of Medicine

1990-91: Introductory High School Biology, Rice University Tutoring Service

1990: Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Genetics, Rice University

1989-90: Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Introductory Biology, Rice University

Honors and Awards

2015: Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center Physician-Nurse Collegiality Award

2007: Center for Cell and Gene Therapy Faculty Teaching Award

199: Lovett College Senior Service Award, Rice University

1987-90: President’s Honor Roll, all semesters, Rice University

1988-8: Outstanding College Students of America

1987-88: National Dean’s List

Professional Memberships

2010-present: Texas Society of Pathologists

2009-present: South Central Association of Blood Banks

2009-present: Association for Molecular Pathology

2008-present: American Association of Blood Banks

2007-present: Harris County Medical Association & Texas Medical Association

2002-present: Houston Society of Clinical Pathologists

2002-2011: College of American Pathologists

2002-2009: American Society of Clinical Pathologists